Gardening & Weed Trimming

The other day I was looking around in my backyard garden and noticed that there were some strands of long grass which were in weird position. After careful examining and wondering for a long time as to why they were still there after regular lawn mowing, I decided to use the help of the big ol’ Google.

After researching for a bit, I landed on this Wikipedia page (1) and found out that they were weird grass strands which require a special tool called String trimmer or weed eater.

Now, I’ve never heard of this in my life since I’ve never had to deal with lawn mowing or gardening in general before, so I was a bit surprised.  I decided to get this weed eater or weed trimmer as they say. Instead of going to a regular hardware store being the brave person I am I decided to search for it online.

Upon research, I found out that there are three types of string trimmers based on the energy source they use; 1. Electric, 2. Battery-powered, and 3. Gas.

Now there was no way I was buying a gas powered tool and contributing to environment pollution, so I decided to look for some good electric weed eater. And I went on this site here –

They have provided an excellent in-depth review of best weed eater available in the market currently. If you’re also looking to get one, then I recommend you to check that out. I ordered number 3rd from their list on Amazon and now waiting for it to shipped.

I had heard from my friends that maintaining lawn can be a tough task and requires a lot of time but didn’t think I’d also need to get several kinds of tools. I hope this tool I order works out, or else I’m going to be furious at my realtor.

Anyway, that was my day, let me know how’s your day is going in the comment below. I’ll leave you with one of my fav song so you can enjoy after this long rant.


Ants & Us!

For years I had been living the thought that the flying ants invading my home every spring are disgusting and unwanted visitors and this year something happened: it is the time of the year again, April-May, and that’s when they come out falling or flying from little holes in the ceiling, hundreds of them per day-I think-I find it hard to really tell where they are coming from and how many they are, even though I have been studying them vigorously for the past years-with magnifiers, or by searching the web-anything.

Anyway, this year they came again and my response was different. It felt like: OK, here you are again…this must be the way of it for you and me, to spend these 2 months together, for it happens every year and though every year I swear I will find a way to terminate you, I just never can get myself to call an exterminator. So it is more accurate to say I don’t want to exterminate you. And now, this year, I can finally see why: you are actually not so ruthless as I imagined. You do have your limits. You disappear when evening falls, so I can sleep peacefully; you die very fast-within a day or 2 days. When I vacuum you up in the vacuum cleaner, you don’t crawl out of it in unexpected places, as my mind vividly imagined you’d do-you stay in there. You don’t usually climb on my bed. And your season is limited. You come in huge masses and then after 2 months I do not see you any more for the entire year.

The moment I realized this, I started to actually enjoy my persistent visitors. I started noticing that they are quite clean and funny with their long little tails. And they squirm their bodies in such a happy way. So next time I was in the bathroom, it struck me that it was nice to have them keep me company there, that it was actually NICER to have them around than not have them around. One crawled in my slipper and I enjoyed its soft, gentle tickling. When the thought came to me that it is scary and it could crawl up my leg and who knows where-and and all these funny silly irrational fears-I was evenly gentle with myself and shook it off and off it went to play with its mates in one of the humid corners of the room (they love humidity, I’ve noticed). I couldn’t belief my attitude towards them had changed so drastically! I couldn’t rationally explain it either. This was a huge turnaround and I just started living it. I had written many worksheets on them, but that was quite a while ago and at that time I was still screaming and raging around the house, blaming my husband for not saving me from them etc etc…Whatever, I’m glad I can love these little creatures and I am going to enjoy every minute of them, for they will soon be gone again:)

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